Greenpoint Recording Studio

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Welcome to Spanish Fly Media HQ Studios in Brooklyn, NYC.

Located in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, our studio was designed for flexibility, comfort & creativity for ADR, Loop Groups, voiceovers & vocal tracking, and we have various condenser & dynamic microphones to suite your particular sound.

Additionally, it was designed and wired so while the talent or actor is in our comfortable 50 sq. ft. recording booth equipped with a 17″ monitor.

From our spacious 216 sq. ft. control room, the director or script supervisor can see & communicate directly with the performer in the booth to convey any performance direction, as well as view the film project from our 42″ TV monitor.

To book studio time, click on the button below or email us with your project details at or call (929) 266-SFLY [7359] for more information.

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Studio Time Booking Info

RECORDING RATES* Whether it’s a single, EP or full album, we can record your project from start to finish. Included in the rate are basic effects & light gain staging [mix-down of levels]. We have hourly and block rates [includes only a basic mix-down/gain staging] and your bounced reference [MP3/WAV] and Pro Tools session (optional) saved onto a your flash drive or sent via WeTransfer.

• 2 hour min. & 3 hour sessions: $65/hr (Includes light vocal mixdown)*
• 4 hours: $240 ($60/hr)*
• Block Rate of $55/hr from 5hrs and above bookings (ie; 5hrs: $275, 8hrs: $440, etc.)
• [Engineer available for + $50 flat fee]

• Full mixdown: Flat $300/song (+ Recording Hourly rate)

*Light Mixdowns: Please take into account the 15 mins [per each hour] of your session to allow for a light mixdown of your tracks.

†Full mixdowns: We will fully mix your vocals and instrumentals and prepare your track for radio-ready & streaming-ready platforms, and ultimately ready for mastering.

• All sessions booked require a 50% deposit.
• Deposits are only refunded if client cancels at least 24 hours before session start time.
• We accept payment through credit card, cash, CashApp & Venmo.
• No files or media will be released until the entire bill is paid.


If you have recorded your session outside of SFM, we can finish what was started. Just bring us your Pro Tools sessions or WAV stems and let us do the rest.

• Starting at $400/song [based on a max. 24 track session].
• Full Project mix rates available. (Album, Mixtape, etc.).

For a more accurate price please email or call us at (929) 266-SFLY [7359] to give us more details about your project.

Email or call (929) 266-SFLY [7359] to discuss your project.