Post-Production Audio & Sound Design

We pride ourselves on the sophistication of our work and are dedicated to creating extraordinary sound to meet your every need.

Spanish Fly Media a full service post production facility that specializes in sound mixing for independent film and television projects. We specialize in commercial audio mixing for tv, radio and digital media.

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR):
For those dialogue tracks that are beyond repair or cannot be salvaged from your production because of noisy backgrounds, corrupt or poor audio capture, we provide the solution of re-recording the actors voice in our comfortable 50 sq. ft. recording booth equipped with a 17″ monitor for voiceovers & ADR, various microphones to suite your particular sound & mic placement during your original shoot.

Our recording studio was designed and wired so while the talent or actor is in the booth the director or script supervisor can also see and talk directly to the performer in the booth to convey any performance direction from our spacious 216 sq. ft. control room.

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Sound Design & Scoring:
Our Audio Post-Production process is where we take the recorded sound from your shoot and take it to the next level by cleaning, editing, adding sound design, and scoring, then integrating all of this into a 5.1 or stereo mix.

With a library of hundreds of thousands of SFX, our producers will dive in and make sure that your creative vision is brought to life!

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