About Us

Based out of New York City, we are a professional and creative media company specializing in bringing your ideas to life through visual arts.

Composed of professionals from different disciplines from audio production, cinematographyaudio post-production, marketing & design, our goal as a media production company is to help develop ideas, create brand awareness & tell stories even for those with a limited budget.

The Challenge

| The Visuals
At Spanish Fly Media, we like venture outside the “normal” confines to challenge ourselves and go against the grain to unleash our creativity. We push the limits. This has enabled us to deliver high quality and cutting edge
music videosdocumentaries, event or concert coverage as well as promotional videos and commercials. 

| The Audio
When it comes to mixing, you audio can make or break your project! A good mix will allow the listener to have a seamless experience from watching your film or listening to your music. When we work on oiur project, we identify each instrument or dialogue, focus on that track, and blend all the elements together as a cohesive piece. It is equally important that your mix sounds great on a variety of playback systems. So, we’ll check the sound on two-way speakers, mono cubes, headphones & earbuds and of course in our own cars. No matter where people want to listen to your music, they need to hear the best version.


We provide services in New York City & beyond!

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us to discuss your videography & audio needs.