Video Interviews

We offer a professional filming service throughout NYC for all types of interviews. Whether conducted by you, from a list of questions or if you need an experienced interviewer we can help.

Every project is outlined and planned with our clients beforehand so we have all the correct resources and understand the  various elements of your project. Our team works in a professional and discreet way when setting up and breaking down the set so you can relax and remain focused on what’s important to you.

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Here are some common interview formats:

  • Training Videos
  • Internal corporate communications
    (CEO messages, employee recognition, etc.)
  • Corporate Films
  • Happy Customer Testimonial
  • Documentaries
  • “Reality TV” Style Cut-Aways [Confessionals]
  • News Editorial 

Our equipment includes 4K definition cameras, various lighting and sound equipment, greenscreens, so you can be sure of optimum standards. Shoot locations often depend on the story you are telling.

Many of our shoots are on location, whether it’s at your company headquarters, outdoors or at our preferred production spaces, your shoot may require a space where you can control lighting, use a green screen, or eliminate noise. 

Once filming is complete, we can either supply the raw files or edit your footage to create full-length interviews with titles and branding or compelling ‘soundbite’ style videos.

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